Episode III
Rise of the Rebellion

While the Jedi continue to be hunted to extinction the rest of the galaxy only now begins to understand what it means to be under the control of the Empire. The Emperor, in an attempt to keep the local systems in line, allows the Senate to believe they affect policy under his new order. Fostering the bickering and petty disputes between systems has prevented them from realizing the true depth of situation they are in as he slowly moves toward removing any need for a Senate entirely.

Meanwhile the Sith Lord Darth Vader, who has until now been hunting down the few remaining Jedi, is now directed to help Grand Moff Tarken with the Emperor’s latest secret project. Which, when completed, will give the Emperor such power as to finally have absolute control over the galaxy.

As yet unknown to all, a few stalwart individuals have begun to fight back against the Empire’s growing tyranny in the hopes that it isn’t too late to save the galaxy from the clutches of it’s Sith Master….

Star Wars: Rise of the Rebellion